Monika Bogdanska

Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller

“The team works closely together so we can create comprehensive plans, anticipate the requirements of each project and be responsive.”

  • Is responsible for all banking, tax and operational accounting for Brinshore and its affiliated entities. 
  • Prepares financial reports that include income statements, balance sheets and analysis of future earnings and expenses, and maintains information for annual audits and facilitates tax preparation. 


Monika also manages Brinshore’s receivables, payables and lines of credit to control the flow of cash receipts and disbursements to meet the business needs of the company. In addition, she oversees the firm’s 401(k) profit sharing plan, payroll activities, insurance coverage and short-term investments.

Before joining Brinshore, Monika was an executive assistant for an electronic records management company. She also owned and operated a successful long-distance trucking business.


Monika attended the Warsaw School of Economics, where she studied international business.