Madeline Grawey

Associate Development Manager

Based in Denver, Madeline is an Associate Development Manager and works on various developments, including the Kansas City and Omaha HUD Choice Neighborhoods Initiatives and Highlander Development in Omaha in addition to Colorado projects. 


Madeline has been in Denver's development, property management and construction world for seven years, working on a diverse portfolio of projects that include mixed-use market rate, senior and affordable housing. Her real estate career began with the rehab and lease up of the historic Daniel Burnham building in Chicago. Madeline brings the experience of seeing projects from all sides of the real estate industry and is excited to continue her development journey at Brinshore. Before joining the team, she worked as a Director for the ULI Colorado District Council leading their Product Councils, fundraising and large programs.  


Madeline is an active member of ULI Colorado, previously serving as the co-chair for the Etkin Johnson Student Scholars Program.  She is also a graduate of Downtown Denver Leadership Program Class of 2020. She received the Champion Award for her creative work on transportation solutions for an affordable housing development in Denver.