Karly Brinla

Vice President Development Manager

"Our developments are based on holistic solutions that consider affordability, sustainability, transportation, and community amenities."

  • Dr. Brinla joined Brinshore in June 2020. As a Vice President Development Manager, she is responsible for project management, including predevelopment, financing, construction, marketing, and community outreach. She is regional lead on projects in Utah and California and works on projects in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Nevada.
  • Dr. Brinla is the Board President and a founding member of the Illinois Chapter of the Women in Affordable Housing Network.  She is also responsible for recruiting and training all incoming developers at Brinshore.


Before joining Brinshore’s development team, Dr. Brinla worked part-time as a developer for Brinshore while teaching and completing her graduate work at the University of Illinois. She taught Business Calculus and Linear Algebra for Business, in addition to numerous other courses in the Mathematics department. She also consulted with Brinshore in 2014 on a statistical analysis project, where she designed and used a periodic algorithm to analyze fluctuations in the Evanston Housing Market.


Dr. Brinla has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Pitzer College.