Lafayette Reflects on 10 Years of $18.2M Chatham Square Project

Lafayette, IN - Chatham Square, a collection of 10 single-family homes and 89 rental­ homes, recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

In 2012, Brinshore Development LLC, the developer for Chatham Square, completed the housing project with the City of Lafayette, according to a release.

"Ten years ago, it was a major leap of faith and economic risk for the city to take on a project like this," a release fr01n the city says. "There was skepticism associated with the project at the time doubting if the city should be involved in the redevelopment of this site and if it would even work for this type of housing project in Lafayette. As time would tell and ten years later, it has proven to be a worthy investment by the city for the neighborhood, local residents, and the city as a whole."

This project initia11y began in 2009 when the city purchased the property for the ho1nes and began tearing down Bridgeway Apartments - a complex with a high-crime rate that consisted of dilapidated apartment units.

"Today, Chatham Square, located at the corner of Greenbush Street and Shenandoah Drive in Lafayette, continues to thrive after a clear vision to provide quality, low-cost housing in Lafayette," the release says.

This project totaled $18.2 n1illion with investments from the city, HUB and Brinshore. Chatham Square is called so after the Chatham family. Built on the original Chatham family farm, the neighborhood includes traditional architecture, landscapes and amenities that honors local tradition, according to the release.

"Looking back at this partnership, we are proud of the change that Chatham Square provided to this community," Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski said in the release. "We did more than alter buildings, we transformed lives. People are delighted to call this home. There is hope and a sense of optimism that has developed for the residents in this neighborhood over the years. We are excited still today about what has transpired fr0111 this venture."

Brinshore principal partner, David Brint, reflected on how the construction of this project was a collaborative effort within the community.

"It wasn't like a developer came into a community and said, 'I'm going to build something,' and got approvals," Brint said in the release. "It was a vision that came out of the c0111munity that wanted something done. We mobilized all sorts of resources and the city, and the community were very involved."

According to the release, in recognition of the project, Chatham Square received the Lieutenant Governor's Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing and Community Development in 2011.